Detox Tea- Diabetes - JUSTWRIGHTJUICE
Detox Tea- Diabetes - JUSTWRIGHTJUICE

Detox Tea- Diabetes

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On a recent trip to Dubai, I had the pleasure to visiting, and sampling some AMAZING teas and spices in the Old Souk Spice Market! I learned so much and I was excited to bring back some teas and spices to share with you!! I knew I NEEDED to bring these teas back to the states in order to help someone! I believe in the healing power of plants and herbs. I KNOW they are powerful; and I am determined to bring you the BEST HEALING teas of world!!


We are now taking pre orders for our Diabetes tea!

  • Reduce the sugar level in the body
  • formulated with green tea extracts and gymnema herbs 
  • no synthetic drugs or chemical compounds 
  • improved blood sugar level within two weeks (on average)



Each order will come with an instructional guide with facts about the tea!