You have way more in common with a Buff Soviet Russian Guy than you thought

So, while I ate my lunch today, I started scrolling through twitter. 

I follow a guy named Josiah Novak.

He's some Russian guy who is basically an expert at health and fitness, in particular exercise and diet. 

His tweet went something like this,

"As a child I was told to never waste food

To this day there might be guilt around not eating everything on your plate - even if you're full

Remember - the food is getting WAISTed either way

Either in the waste basket

Or your waistline"

That stuck with me. I can literally count the number of times my mother told me not to waste food. It was something like 1 million 2 hundred thousand and fifteen times. Okay, maybe a thousand but you get the point.

It just shows me, him and I aren't the only ones who refuse to "waste food" and end up waisting it anyway.

I had hypertension just a few years ago from those bad habits from childhood.

It wasn't until I refused to take pills and started juicing that I really started to break those habits.

Well anyways, we're offering an exclusive 20% Discount on our 3 Day Detox this week only because I was inspired a friend of mine's uncle.

Here's your chance to take control of your health like I did and start juicing.

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