The Ultimate Breakdown of 3 Major Diets

So yesterday I talked about how all the major gurus are just extracting money from unsuspecting everybody but YOU, cause you're smarter than that, with all these diet plans and fads.

Today I'm going to give you a little break down of different diets and how they have their own unique benefit to you. Btw I will pitch my book at the end so be prepared.


Short for ketosis. 

The low carb high fat diet.

This diets unique edge is by eating less carbs and more fat your body uses it's ketones which are basically chemical compounds to make you look sexy 😍 and make all your girlfriends jealous 🤫

Oh! And lose weight. Did I say lose weight?



The meats and fishes with LOTS of veggies diet.

Remember back in the day where there was a bunch of farms, farm animals, and people trading stuff at markets?

Yeah me neither Chile I wasn't born yet for all a dat.

But however, this diet tries to copy that. Eating all types of meat which is high in protein and filling, plus vegetables makes you less hungry because you're full more. So now you're losing weight and that cute guy who works at the job with you starts to notice how slim you are 😜



Short for.... 

You guessed it....

The no more oxtail diet. GURLLL

This diet is nothing but vegetables. Nothing that comes from an animal is in this diet. Fruits, veggies, legumes, and seeds are all you eat in this diet and you guessed it. After starting this diet you'll probably never have to worry about dying alone in a room full of cats 😺

These are all great and all but here's the thing.

If you're anything like me you want to have your cake and eat it too. And I like icing.

So what I'm going to teach you in my book is how to enjoy your foods and lose weight at the same time without having to get on some diet from the 13th century.

When shall we begin? Is that a now I hear?

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