The Key is Consistency

Growth doesn't happen over night. 

I feel the biggest issue when it comes my weight is feeling like I'm not making any progress because I don't see anything right after the juice or right after the workout.

One thing I've been learning to account for is the fact that I did it.

For example,

My goal was to fit into my Vow renewal dress.

In the beginning it seemed like nothing was happening but what I did was just focus on the fact that I drank juice that day and that I actually worked out. I figured if I could just be consistent then I would see the results and look good enough to look good in my dress.

32lbs skinnier it worked and I'm here with my baby celebrating 10 years of marriage.

If you'd like to be consistent with your workouts and get all the compliments that come with being 20lbs lighter then order my Ebook Get Fit or Die Trying

It's 80% Off this until Friday and it has a game plan you can follow to be consistent and look great again!

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