The Dirty Secrets Doctors Didn't Want You To Know

You know I’ve been juicing for some years now.

I've ran into different kinds of people with many different opinions. 


Back when I first started juicing I had hypertension. I went to the doctors about it and they recommended the usual.


They did their usual of making it seem like a little piece of MANufactured stuff will cure what NATURE is telling you is wrong.


They won't much say much about juicing and if someone does they'll try to talk down about it.

They’ll say, "it increases blood sugar."

They’ll say "you miss out on the fiber"


They’ll make it seem like "the pill and the doctor prescribed solutions are the only way."

But let me tell you what. Juicing is usually vegetables with some fruit here and there and can’t spike your blood sugar because it's mainly vegetables. Now, that's not to say if you juice a whole bunch of fruit that won't happen, but, that's just not how you're supposed to juice. It's mainly vegetables with fruit for flavor.

As for the fiber, thats a pretty bad argument too. But it's not the argument itself it's just the way they went about juicing.  

The point is to feel better by eating more vegetables through out your day. 

The easiest way to do and do it consistently is to juice the vegetables and drink them.

So the idea wasn't to juice and never eat again which would make you miss out on fiber.

The idea is juicing is a smart way to stay on top of eating vegetables while still eating meals through out the day where you would get what ever fiber that juicing doesn't give.

And as far as the pills, Girl.

You know Doctors just gotta make they munney.


Instead of being like MILLIONS who are dependent on pills and pharmaceuticals.

Be like Beyonce and THOUSANDS of others who lose 20-50lbs, and cure their health problems like diabetes, hypertension, acne, and other skin conditions, by drinking your vegetables

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