Juicing before the diet plan.

Discovering the best weight loss diet plan for your needs may take a little detective work. There are many diet plans out there, all making astounding claims of incredible weight loss if you jump aboard their program. The truth of it is, you need to carefully look at what the plan entails, what you can stomach, and some of the content of the particular plan in question before you can make an informed decision.

There really are a few variables you need to consider. How much weight do you have to lose? What is your general state of health? Are there certain foods you just can't stand? Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic? What are the demands on your time? Can you fit in an exercise component into your day if the plan has one. (And many will) As you can see, these and other questions demand answers before you can make a start.

BEFORE you make that start; you should really consider a 3-7 day juice detox. First off, it allows you to start with a clean slate, you will see some initial weight loss and this will get keep you motivated. A juice detox will also help curb your desire for sweets and/or salty foods by restoring your tongue palate.

Remember, NOONE knows your body better than YOU. With consistency and discipline; YOU can and will reach your health and fitness goals!


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