Black Women Juice

Do not believe the hype! Black women care about their health and black women JUICE! After all, I should know... I’m black ANNNNNNDDDD I JUICE. 

I have to be honest, as I was looking for stock photos for my eBooks; I did not find many pictures of black women juicing. This bothered me and made me wonder why. I know hundreds of women that enjoy juicing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. 

While its true that I started for minor health reasons; I continue because I enjoy it. I love the energy it gives me. I love that I have the option to take a break at any time from the traditional way of eating. I love how my body reacts after a good cleanse.

The MOST asked question is: How do I start? and How does your juice taste so good? 

Practice. Practice makes perfect.You have to train your taste buds. But you have to just START. Invest in a juicer (I prefer a masticating juicer) and start off with cucumbers, apples, and kale. Then explore other recipes. Start off small so as to not get overwhelmed. 

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